Why Choose a Fame Puppy?


We strive to produce a great all around dog. Limited litters allow us to produce quality not quantity. We breed for health, temperament, and to the AKC written breed standard. Sound temperaments, solid structure, effortless movement, and the noble look true to the German Shepherd Dog.

 We strongly encourage our potential puppy buyers to come and visit us and our dogs. 


Please look under our Upcoming Litters  tab to view upcoming and planned litters. 

We match puppies to their homes at 7 weeks of age. This is based on each puppies characteristics and personality traits. All of our litters have their own page, you can watch them grow weekly. 


Total price of the a puppy from our litters range from $1500-$2500 and a non-refundable deposit of $250. This will go toward the full purchase price. (Excludes tax). 

The remaining balance due before the puppy goes home at 9 weeks. 

  •  Akc Registration Paid For

  • Implanted Microchip Paid For

  • 25% Discount on Future Board & Train Services 

  • Bi-weekly De-Worming

  • First Round of Booster Shots

  • Health Examination of All Puppies

  • Breeder Support

  • 30 Day Supply of Booster Vitamins

  • Informational Booklet 

  • Weekly Updated Puppy Pictures and Bio

  • We HELP You Choose 

  • Titled Pedigree

  • Health Guarantee



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August 24, 2022 Pregnancy Check

PRICE $2000

  1. FEMALE - 


  3. MALE - 


  5. OPEN -


We're excited to announce our first litter breeding of 2022! This will be a SUPER pairing! The mother delivered a large, healthy, & beautiful litter back in 2019. These puppies will love to play ball and tug of war & be quick to learn & have high food drive. If you like to spend any time in the pool, fishing by the lake, swimming in the river, I can bet these pups will love to hang out and do the same! We do expect these puppies to have medium prey drive, high ball drive, & strong protective instinct. These puppies will require training & socialization to ensure they become a balanced member inside the home as well as outside the home. The color of the puppies will either be Sable (like mom) or Black/Red (like dad).  We have had so many compliments from the first litter we're so excited to see what amazing things the next litter has in store!