You Are Not Perfect

As a dog trainer I have worked with many people to help them train their pets. I find that people tend to apologize for not being perfect with their dogs, people have quoted that they feel intimidated before training with me, or afraid of being judged for how bad their dog acts. Well, let me go ahead and state this, I will NEVER judge you, I try my hardest to make training fun, and my job is to help you. I am most excited about showing the results you can get with training and the best part is >I< get to help! Some of my most rewarding cases have been the dogs that have the worst behaviors or habits, because we can make a huge turn around. If you decide to work with a trainer just know, no matter what that person is dedicated to help you. Have realistic expectations, most people apologize for doing something incorrectly either inside or outside of class. No one is born a dog trainer, people like myself have worked with animal professionals in and out of the dog industry for years, dedicating our lives to learning more about dog training, and have decided to pursue this as a career. If you have worked with a trainer and you are not getting the results you desire, dont give up, each trainer has a different program and their particular program may not fit the needs of your dog. Their is no such thing as perfect, but together we can build on becoming better with our dogs!

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