Why The German Shepherd Dog?

I have many people ask me this question. Why the German Shepherd Dog? I have always been a huge animal lover, we grew up with cats and two Chow mixes. I started at a young age riding and competing with horses. My sophomore year in High School our psychology class had us make a dream board, this consisted of a collage of random photos of things we wanted in our future. My dream board had big dully trucks, elaborate horse barns, horses, and one photo of a beautiful German Shepherd gaiting. Upon graduation and accepting a full time job as a horse trainer, I really wanted a German Shepherd to complete my dream board. I was a typical young adult in the aspect of being broke and working too much. I knew I did not have time for a young puppy, but regardless of what I wanted I first needed to save money for a dog. What prompted me to finally purchase my dream dog was after I had a scary encounter at the cemetery visiting my step fathers grave. A man in his maybe mid 40s, parked right by my truck, his windows were tinted completely black, he was acting very strange. After parking he got out and starting looking under his car, popped the hood looking at his engine, walking over to the side of his car staring into all the windows, very strange behavior. This man didn't get out to visit a gravestone, I felt he was stalling until I walked back to my truck. I was panicking, I looked down at my phone to see it was completely dead, I waited and waited to see if he would leave. Finally after approximately 20 minutes, I glanced over to see he was laying underneath his car, but no tools in his hand. I pretended I was on the phone and ran back to my truck opened the door and locked it immediately. Now this whole situation could of been me overreacting, however I do believe people can have a sixth sense that tells us when something isn't normal. Once I arrived home, I grabbed my laptop, sat down, and google searched German Shepherd Dogs For Sale. I realized my 100lbs soaking wet needed a protector! I had at the time roughly $600 dollars, I found an ad for a 7 month old female GSD for sale. She was absolutely perfect and look identical to the Shepherd I had posted in my dream board. However, her price was $1250.... I called the owner and said... I will give you what I have and I will make payments on the rest. Few short months later she was 100% mine! I then later set out on a long journey to become a dog trainer and apprenticed under another GSD breeder. The feeling I had when I brought my first GSD home was complete joy, the happiness she brought into my life I will never ever forget. She was the best dog anyone could ever ask for and I want to bring that same experience and joy to others.

Saba - My first German Shepherd Dog - You inspired me. Love you baby girl.


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