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  • How do I learn more about the parents?
    Click on our Sire and Dam tabs. This will direct you to their page so you may read more about the parents personality traits, health testing, and titles.
  • What does Limited and Unlimited AKC Registration mean?
    Limited registration means you cannot breed your dog and register the puppies with the American Kennel Club. Unlimited registration allows you to breed and register the puppies with the AKC. We believe in breed preservation and responsible breeding practices, so we are careful about what puppies end up in potential breeding homes.
  • How do we qualify for Unlimited Registration?
    To qualify for Unlimited registration, we want to make sure you're truly commited to bettering the breed. We are more than happy to help mentor or offer advice for those just getting started. We health test and exhibit our dogs to prove they're breeding worthy. If you choose to have Unlimited Breeding Rights we require a minimum of Hips & Elbows to be done prior to breeding. Pricing inquire for more information.
  • What is a Microchip and lifetime monitoring?
    We implant, register, and pay for lifetime monitoring. This means if your dog was to ever become lost or stolen we have a form of identification. Most microchip companies require you to pay annual renewing fee. Like most things in life, if it's out of sight it's out of mind. We do this to help take stress off of our buyers and to ensure the puppies safety. Not only is he/she registered with the information you provided in our puppy questionnaire, but you never have to worry about renewing the micochip.
  • De Worming, Vaccines, and Health Checks?"
    From birth we de worm our puppies with a gentle and safe de-wormer called Panacur, which covers almost all intestinal parasites. Our puppies are given a one way vaccine at seven weeks called Neopar that helps give immunity to the deadly Parvovirus Disease. Before eight weeks studies have shown that the mothers antibodies are helping provide strength to the puppies immune system so overvaccinating before eight weeks is not only hard on the immune system, they can fight off the vaccine themselves, so we see this as counterproductive. We reccomend booster shots to be given when your puppy is twelve and sixteen weeks of age. At seven weeks our puppies go on their first trip to the vets to be examined to make sure they are clear of internal parasites, sound hearts, and overall healthy puppies before venturing to their new homes!
  • Breeder Support? Guarantees?
    We are here to answer any and all questions you may have about your dog! Since we are considered "experts" of this breed, who better to ask all of your GSD questions than your breeder.
  • Informational Book?
    When our puppies are six weeks old, anyone who has reserved a puppy and made their deposit we mail to your home a binder full of useful information about this breed, puppies, exhibiting, reccomendations, training commands, and much more. For those who put down deposits after six weeks we will provide your puppy package at time of pick up.
  • Do I get to pick my puppy? How does the selection process work?
    We help match the best puppy to the qualities you desire.
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